10th Jan2013

When I drink – Musica Nuda

by elenabardelli


When I Drink – Musica Nuda

This is the bar,
I come to when I drink.
This is my glass,
covered with fingerprints.
Now I don’t get rowdy,
go causing streets fights,
but I’ve been known to sing show tunes
under the street lights.
When I drink, it’s about you, I think.
You like the moon, could drive a woman mad.
You drove me this place,
and now they’re calling me a cab.
Because all the pretty peaple are starting to blur,
I must look like the happinest girl in the world.
When I drink, it’s about you I think.
Every bar room love, ends like it begins:
Over drinks, one or two, too many rounds.
Not much at all, a few inches of liquid,
that’s all it takes for a person to drown.
Sometime last week, sobriety on loan,
I vowed I wouldn’t write you,
and I swore I’d never phone.
Now I’d like to call you and check you’re all right,
but I don’t know where you are spending your nights.
When I drink, it’s about you I think
When I drink, it’s about you, I think, it’s about you, I drink, it’s about you, I think…

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